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Deeper proteomic insights will advance science and human health. QuantumSi is bringing single-molecule protein sequencing to every lab, everywhere, enabling new discoveries that will transform the world we live in.


Prepare proteins for Single-Molecule Sequencing on Semiconductor Chips

Everything you need for ready to sequence libraries in less than three hours of hands-on time. 


Sequence Proteins with Single Amino Acid Resolution on Platinum™

The Platinum™ instrument fits on your benchtop and seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, enabling protein sequencing right after sample preparation and chip loading. 

Equipped with a user-friendly interface, Platinum™ allows you to easily start your protein sequencing run following a few prompts. Sequencing data is generated and can be automatically transferred to the Cloud for analysis.


Analyze Protein Sequencing Data With Ease The Cloud software easily integrates with the Platinum instrument so you can plan, set up, and analyze sequencing runs within a single, intuitive software environment.

Data generated during each run can be automatically uploaded to the Cloud where proteins are identified without the need for bioinformatics expertise.

The Cloud software is securely accessible from any computer, supporting analysis from any location and facilitating collaboration with global colleagues and partners.

Introducing Platinum™

Learn how to sequence on Platinum

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