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CENTOGENE as a service provider

CENTOGENE is a company specializing in genetic diagnostics and research. They focus on rare genetic diseases, providing genetic testing services to individuals and families worldwide. The company’s primary goal is to identify, understand, and help manage rare hereditary diseases, offering genetic testing that aids in diagnosis and personalized treatment strategies.

CENTOGENE uses advanced technologies and a vast database of genetic information to aid in the identification of rare genetic variants and the associated diseases. They collaborate with healthcare providers, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies to advance the understanding of rare diseases and accelerate the development of potential therapies.

The company’s efforts include genetic testing, data analysis, and interpretation to assist in diagnosing rare diseases, supporting personalized treatment decisions, and contributing to the advancement of medical research in the field of genetics.

Going Beyond Genetics With Multiomic Solutions

Just as every disease is different, so is every patient. By taking a multidimensional approach, you are able to look at each patient from different angles to combine deep knowledge and insights for a holistic view. A multiomic approach addresses the various “omics” – Phenomics, Genomics, Transcriptomics, Epigenomics, Proteomics, and Metabolomics. This ultimately gives us a more complete picture of the underlying biology and what is causing the symptoms of any particular rare or neurodegenerative disease. This enables us to diagnose diseases quickly and with the highest accuracy possible – saving resources and sparing patients pivotal years during which a disease can rapidly progress. A quick definitive diagnosis can direct physicians to the treatments of today and the precision medicine of tomorrow.

At CENTOGENE, we deploy this multiomic approach via MOx – our portfolio of multiomic solutions. Our advanced multiomic tests are one of the world’s first commercially available multiomic analyses for rare and neurodegenerative diseases – testing for a range of disease-causing variants. Powered by integrated biochemical testing, MOx delivers the most powerful diagnosis in a single test.

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Kristýna Slabá

Business Development Manager – Oncology

E-mail: slaba@3genes.com
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