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ScaleBio are easy-to-use combinatorial indexing kits delivering robust, reliable, and flexible single-cell omics on millions of cells and hundreds of samples.

Single Cell RNA Kit 

The ScaleBio Single Cell RNA Sequencing Kit enables the production of high-quality single-cell transcriptomic libraries. Upfront cell fixation step allows you to take a flexible approach to sample collection, whether from multiple sites or multiple timepoints. This approachable 2-day workflow lets you profile up to 125,000 cells or nuclei as well as multiplex up to 96 samples in a single experiment.

Single Cell Methylation Kit 

As the first ever commercial solution for single-cell resolution into methylation states, Single Cell Methylation Kit allows you to profile single-cell methylation states across tens of thousands of cells. You can now fix your samples with the utmost flexibility in sample collection, storage, and transport-allowing you to process your samples on your own time. The streamlined workflow and powerful chemistry enable the analysis of tens of thousands of cells in a single run. Paired with our easy-to-use data analysis pipeline, you can achieve results quickly and efficiently.

Single Cell Methylation Kit 

The ScaleBio Single Cell ATAC Pre-Indexing Kit enables the high-throughput processing of up to 300,000 nuclei per run using combinatorial indexing.
The upfront barcoding of isolated nuclei during tagmentation enables the superloading of existing droplet systems, enabling a 10-fold increase in throughput at a significant reduction in cost, without compromising on data quality.

CRISPR Guide Enrichment Kit 

CRISPR Guide Enrichment Kit is modified from the standard ScaleBio Single Cell RNA Sequencing Kit, with the added benefit of capturing a CRISPR guide sequence derived from a CROP-style vector.
To maximize guide detection, we have included target-specific priming during reverse transcription, as well as PCR enrichment in the final step of library preparation.
This kit enables the processing of up to 500,000 cells or nuclei per run with extended throughput, as well as the multiplexing of up to 96 samples.

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