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OncoDNA is Belgian genomic and theranostic company specializing in precision medicine for the treatment of patients with cancer and genetic diseases.

OncoDEEP solution

OncoDEEP® is the most comprehensive biomarker test designed to help oncologists determine the best treatment(s) for their patients living with advanced solid tumors.

Comprehensive Content

DNA 638 genes
RNA 20 driver genes
SNV, Indels, CNV
Novel fusions

Complete Solution

OncoDeep® includes library prep and user-friendly software for secondary and tertiary data analysis. Clinical report includes interpretation of variants, bibliography, drugs, clinical trial and other important information.


Certified as CE In vitro diagnostic and in process of IVDR certification.

Meet OncoDNA

OncoDEEP Kit: Truly comprehensive panel

Designed by oncology experts, the OncoDEEP panel contains the most relevant and complete cancer gene panel. Over the time this panel was optimized to include all clinically-relevant oncology targets. The panel is composed of 638 genes, reporting genomic alterations (SNV, insertion, deletion, CNV, RNA fusions) and complex genetic signature (HRD, MSI and TMB). 

10 years of knowledge that matters

OncoKDM – From molecular complexity to cleartreatment decisions

OncoKDM® is an online platform that turns your NGS data into actionable clinical information. Moreover, OncoKDM® can integrate NGS results with IHC, MSI and TMB data. The resulting comprehensive and interactive report includes updated information about approved and investigational treatments for each patient, as well as NGS quality control data, patient clinical data and comprehensive NGS variants annotation.

Contact – Responsible Manager

Kristýna Slabá

Business Development Manager – Oncology

E-mail: slaba@3genes.com
Mobile: +420720358655

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