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Genoox is a rare blend of geneticists, bioinformaticians, engineers and technology experts who work together to answer any genomic question through the power of the community, data and insights.

Franklin: The Future of Genomic Medicine

Leveraging both community-generated and proprietary data, Genoox’s AI-powered genomic analytics solution generates actionable clinical insights. Franklin streamline the path from DNA sample to clinical report – impacting patient care by making genomic data accessible and actionable at the point of care.


Created for professionals, by professionals>

Genoox is the creator of the world’s first open genomic community. Franklin users leverageunique vendor-neutral workflow-agnostic platform to create accurate data insights.

AI-based variant classification>

AI engine provides the best classifier based on any publicly available data source. It suggests relevant evidence, refines metrics and addresses gene-specific recommendations using ACMG/AMP-based variant classification.

Reach all available data, use only what is relevant>

Franklin prioritizes and aggregates frequently-updated information from published research, new and existing archives, and curated and uncurated databases. The software filtres out “noise” and highlight evidence crucial to your decision making.

Genoox solutions are changing the face of genomics

Genoox Clinical Applications

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