To detect hereditary diseases and genetic defects, physicians as well as researchers need appropriate tools.

To detect hereditary diseases and genetic defects, physicians as well as researchers need appropriate tools. It is also essential to have the appropriate tools to support law enforcement agencies in resolving crimes and facilitating other legal issues, like kinship and paternity cases. Overtime these tools seem to have become mainstream but having them ready made and easy to use, ensuring accuracy, good quality control and precision is indispensable. At GENETEK Biopharma, we pride ourselves in being one of the few firms providing high quality kits and services for both healthcare, research and forensic applications.

GTHapScreen® DMD
GTHapScreen® F8
GTHapScreen® HBB
GTHapScreen® PAH
• Fredrich Ataxia (FA)
• Fragile X syndrome
Huntington disease HD
• Myotonic Dystrophy
• SMA newborn screening
• SMA carrier detection
• Chimerism
• GTDetector
GTYDetector 29
GTDetector Globe
GTM5 Matrix Standard
GTM6 Matrix Standard 
GT500 Size Standard

For rapid detection of chromosomal aneuploidies for chromosomes 21, 18, 13, X and Y using QF-PCR technology.

AneuSure Kit consists of 26 markers. The STR markers are distributed across autosomal chromosomes 21, 18 and 13 and sex chromosomes X & Y. The segmental duplication 7X marker is included in the kit for the differentiation of X chromosome monosomy from homozygosity (i.e. it quantifies the chromosome X for more accurate detection of Turner syndrome. AneuSure performance has been validated with extensive testing using Applied BiosystemsTM 3500/3500xL and 3130/3130xl platforms for detection and analysis on more than 1000 samples.


→ Easy to use mix
Multiplex analysis of 26 loci in one reaction
~ 90 min thermal clycling time
Accurate detection of Turner syndrome
Applicable to a variety of DNA sources – amniotic fluid (AF), chorionic villus (CVS), fetal tissue, etc.

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